Tuesday, 9 March 2010


No, not that poem about a guy who stole a snowman and massacred it, written by Carol Ann Duffy. But literally, stealing. It involves someone taking something away from a person, whether the victim knows it or not. We all know very well that it is 'wrong' and 'immoral', as the fourth commandment commands, "Thou shall not steal"...yet it still goes on. Why is this so?

Well, there are too many reasons as to why someone would steal, but I will name a few. For instance, a person may be poor and with child, and they resort to stealing as the means of survival, but it is a rare occasion in which people has to steal out of necessity.

Another reason for stealing is to satisfy their obsession of gaining the 'rush', or what I would like to label them as, 'adrenaline junkie'. Imagine Bella from New Moon in the scenes that shows her doing something dangerous for a surge of adrenaline (Yea, I live the Twilight Saga! Well, the novel versions at least...the movie are atroscious in comparison).

An additional reason for stealing is for money. People can steal things like bikes, televisions or any other objects that might retain a high value. After stealing these 'hot' items, they will simply keep it so they don't have to buy it themselves, or sell it to other people.

These are only a few of the reasons for someone to steal, and they are all 'wrong'. Some people work hard to obtain the things they have in their lives, and thieves who just stroll along and take these objects away from them are just despicable. Although, I can sympathise for those who steal out of necessity, but then again, those cases are rare, at least in the Western cultures.

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