Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is the consumption of a drug in larger quantities than the prescribed dosage, or the use of illegal drugs such as heroin. Even the medicines that can be bought off the shelf can be abused when taken in health-threatening dosages.

There are many reasons as to why people abuse drugs, such as peer pressure, to join a 'special' group. Some people could simply be bored stiff, and decided to abuse drugs because they may believe it to be daring and exciting. Another reason would be because a person has taken so many non-lethal drugs, such as sleeping pills and painkillers, that they have become addicted to it and therefore, dependent on these substances in order to live their lives.

The most common sign and symptom of drug abuse is the neglection of one's responsibilities, such as the responsibility of going to school, work or neglecting the ones in their home, children for example because of their drug usage.

The most common sign and symptom of drug addiction is the tolerance of the substance the person is taking, as they need to use more of it to experiance the same 'high'. This is particularly dangerous because although they may be tolerant, it will still damage their body, especially if they start to take more, which will only make the damage greater.

Why do people allow themselves to attempt drug abuse knowing the consequences of it, nevermind letting themselves get addicted to it? Perhaps they just cannot cope with their lives and resort to these substances to make them feel better, but they should know better. The effects are only temporary so in order to maintain the 'feel good' sensation, they must continue to spend large amounts of money to have them. Wouldn't it be much more efficient for them to go seek help from others, both physically and mentally? Counselling for example, will be so much more beneficial because it deals with the person's ability to manage their life as they work to improve their quality of life, and this would be permanent, and perhaps cheaper then the cost it takes to sustain the drug income.

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