Monday, 8 March 2010

Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty covers a wide range of actions, or lack of action and there are two catergories of abuse...'active' (Acts of Comission) and 'passive' (Acts of Omission).

Passive cruelty is characterised by neglect such as starvation, failure to provide appropriate shelter in extreme weather conditions and lack of attention towards the animals' needs of medical attention.

Active cruelty is typified by malevolent actions where the person is purposely causing harm to an animal. Such acts are often considered to be signs of serious psychlogical problems and is associated with sociopathic behaviour.

I recall during the showing of Kids (1995) in the Lighthouse, there was a scene where Telly kicked a house cat as if it was a ball. Shortly following this scene, the majority of viewers in the showroom was obviously appalled by it as they let out a 'aww' or groan. We are all horror-struck when we hear or see anything relative to animal cruelty, yet it still goes on in. Why?

In the cases within the animal cruelty database, the most common reasons for the mistreatment are: to control an animal; to retaliate against another person without actually hurting them and to displace ones' anger towards an animal. All of these reasons has nothing to do with the actual victim, but it is mainly the offenders' lack of control or their sinister attempt in interpersonal violence by using an animal as the medium.

I really do not see the point of animal abuse. It is immoral and sick. Shouldn't those who chose to have a pet be caring for it lovingly rather than using it as a punching bag? Just because people are superior to animals does not mean that they do not have feelings or do not feel pain. Thankfully, there are groups out there such as the RSPCA that are trying their hardest to locate any animal cruelty related activities and putting a stop to it

More information on animal cruelty can be viewed from the link provided below:

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