Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Infidelity, also known as cheating is the breach of faith and any violation of the boundries of a relationship, though it does not necessarily depend on the presence of sexual behaviour.

So why do men and women in relationships cheat? The most common explanation that springs to mind for most of us is that people cheat because there are problems with their relationship and do not feel as fulfilled as they want to be. In other words, those who cheat on their partners claim to be unhappy in their relationship so they look for acceptance, appreciation and affection elsewhere.

There could be other motivations behind one's choice to cheat...such as the person isn't happy in their relationship, so they cheat as a way to bring up the option of divorce, or people cheat to intentially hurt their partner, or it could be as shallow as gaining the thrill from cheating. Another explanation of infidelity sprouts from the 'evolutionary' theory...back when people were hairy and simple cave folks who were amazed at the discovery of fire as if we were to discover the technology of flying cars as shown in Star Wars!

Back in the stone age, there would be rules and boundries of relationships, people would be similar to lions. One alpha male and multiple partners to mate with...all for survival. Perhaps the desire to cheat on people is innate and recorded in our genes? Nevertheless, this method of survival would not mix in with our modern society as we believe that relationships are based on trust and the love between two people exclusively.

So the big question is, is infidelity bad? The answer is....(drum roll) YES!! Obviously is it bad, it hurts the partner and the people around them. It also hurts the victim of infidelity. If the couple has children, then it will definately hurt them as well. Wow, theres alot of pain associated to infidelity isnt there? Yet it still goes on, and on and on~

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