Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Tattoos are a type of body modification and involves the insertion of ink into the layers of skin to change the pigment of it, giving it colour. The most common questions associated with tattos are:
"Does it hurt?" and "Why did you get it?"

Well to answer the first question...ofcourse it hurts to get a tattoo!! The ink is injected by the dozen needles on the tattoo pen stabbing the skin repeatedly at very high speeds, though most of the pain is actually caused by the friction from the needle. But the pain does subside after awhile because of the adrenaline that would be running through the client's body, numbing the pain to a state to where they could just fall asleep on the chair...however there are individual differences as some people experiance pain differently to others.

As for the second question, that also varies differently from person to person. Some people would get it as a form of 'rememberance' for someone very special to them, or as a representation of rebellion, or simply because it looks good on them.

So who does get tattoos? Sailors. Prisoners. Bikers. Bad-asses basically... stereotypically. However this image is changing as more and more people are getting tattoos, such as celebrities, who are often a group of people's role-models therefore they would be influenced by their body art. Even lawyers and doctors have them.

So is getting tattoos necessarily 'being bad'? Maybe back in the old days, but now...I say no~

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