Thursday, 1 April 2010


Vandalism is a criminal act that involves the destruction against property, such as run down buildings, a bus stop, train stations...or even your home!!

The reason for people to vandalise is mainly for the 'buzz', the surge of adrenaline associated with destroying stuff and the risk of being caught. Be honest, both you and I love breaking stuff down, like nicely built up megablocks or legos...or huge sandcastles. We all have that urge to release that inner beast of ours and lash out at these products of someone else's time and sweat. But most of the time we restrain ourself since we are civilised people :D

Another reason could be that the vandals have alot of emotions bottled up, such as anger or envy and their only method of letting these out is through the act of willfully damaging the property of others. Other motives could possibly for peer acceptance.

So who is it that vandalises? The age range is very sparse, from good for nothing children drawing stick people and crudely drawn unicorns on walls with spray paint, to fully grown adults with nothing better to do and look for that surge of adrenaline.

Vandalism is always seen as being bad, and I agree that it should be seen as a crime. The government dish out alot of money for the removal of vandalised buildings as it can severely effect the community of that area. And vandalism towards a particular person will affect then on a personal level and they will feel violated. In other words, vandalism hurts alot of people...if not everyone.

More information on vandalism can be found on the links provided below:

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