Friday, 12 March 2010


We all know what bullying is and how it can damage the victim's quality of life, but some people still do it. Some bully others because they may see it as a method of being popular by showing that they are superior to the victim, or simply because it makes them look 'bad', which might attract certain types of people. Some might bully because they have problems at home, and choose to vent their negative emotions on those weaker than themselves. The victims tend to be bullied because of their ethnicity, the way they talk, how they appear physically or because of their name.

Those who are victims of bullying will often feel lonely, unhappy, frightened, unsecure and my believe that there is something wrong with them if there are people who single them out as potential targets. Therefore, they lose confidence and this can ultimately affect their life. The bullies themselves are also affect by bullying others, as they often grow up to have issues with relaitonships, abuse their spouses and children and in turn, making their children aggressive as well.

Not only does bullying occur in children, it also occurs in adulthood, particularly in the workplace. these may range from the spreading of insults, malicious gossip, misuse of power and position and many others. This kind of bullying can affect the victim's attitude in their workplace and can cause them stress, lead to job insecurity and in extreme cases, to resignation and therefore, affecting the very core of their lives.

So therefore, bullying definately is a example of 'being bad'.

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