Friday, 23 April 2010

Response to Hannah-Louise's post on Underage Sex

I support your ideas that children should have sex education at a earlier age, not the actually physical act of it but the morals, significance and consequences behind it. I also agree that underage sex does occur surprisingly frequently, particularly in England. This may be because of peer pressure between friendship groups or the exposure to the subject fro mthe media, desentizing them. But this is only one kind of underage sex, where both parties are underage. Other forms are where there is an adult and an underage person, though the adult is most frequently male and the underage person i most frequently a girl being deceived and tricked into having a relationship with the adult.

Here is a link of a class supervisor being jailed for six counts of sexual activity with a girl under 16:

Is underage sex being bad then? Well since it is illegal, yes it is bad, mainly because the underage body cannt sustain pregnancy and can damage the girls body as they are not fully developed. There is also the risk of sexual transmitted diseases as those of younger age do not know about protection and are ignorant about HIV and other diseases. If an adult was to have a sexual relationship with an underage person like the class supervisor mentioned above, the adult would be jailed under the acts of sexual indecency and assault.

More information on underage sex can be found on the links provided below:

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